Koya No Sumika _ Interior rendering with Corona

Hi there !
Here a personal work during my free time to practice Corona Render with Blender 2.79. I tried to get something similar from Koya No Sumika by mA-Style Architects ( reference)
I didn’t have the time to complete all, exterior parts for example, maybe I will finish it later.
Corona Render is amazing and incredibly fast, 3000 x 1980px renderings were limited to 20 mn to keep some " natural noise".
I’m quite satisfying with a first attempt with Corona. I think to make a render engine comparison later beetwen Cycles, Corona and Yafaray for an other rendering.
I used some rendering passes for a little bit of post-compo in Photoshop.

Computer specs: Ryzen 7 1800x, 32 Go Ram, Win 10 x64.

Critics and comments are welcome :slight_smile:


The scene is very simple, but the light is superb!!!
Obviously Corona…
However, framing and lighting make the overall image context really pleasant.

Great job!!!

[ I am still confident that sooner or later Corona will come for Blender.
Currently (even with version 2.7) it is unthinkable to be used in a professional manner. ]

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Thank you man :slight_smile:
I think I can work professionaly with Corona in most cases but it lackes some features of course. It’s very pleasant for interior rendering, I will try for exterior later.
Maybe we should try to launch a petition to Corona devs for a real support and addon for Blender 2.8


Missing the Render Preview, only for this it is impossible to use, especially on complex and heavy scenes, especially if you have zero time to present the work (as always !!)

I got tired of repeating it and writing it, even on their Forum …
But maybe if you opened a discussion with a questionnaire to figure out how many users would pay and go to Corona you can do. Just to get some numbers.

You’re right, render preview is missing but Corona is so fast that you can work easily as " the old way" ( I mean like the way you render 10 years ago). Except if you have to make a huge exterior with lot of trees, crazy grass,… Corona is still a nice toy to play with :slight_smile:

Good idea the questionnaire ! I will see about that with a friend of mine, thanks I didn’t think about this solution :+1:

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