Krita 2.6 Bugs or defect?

I encountered 3 problem while starting with Krita 2.6.

  1. Applying or modifying any filter from the dropdown menu uses too much of cpu that it gets slow. CPU: Core2Duo.
  2. Files>new> imports the last screenshot that the ‘shutter’ app took. It’s so weird, I cant even guess the connection between Shutter and Krita.
    3.Edit>resources> gives a straight floating line instead of an option or drop down menu.
  3. since today when I try to go to krita’s forum it tells me it’son incapsula or what (God knows) server, and cant connect to that.

Any Idea how to fix these?

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Hi, What platform are you using Krita on… I understand that Windows support is currently experimental and a lot of bug fixing going on.

  1. is this just while the filter is being applied or after?
  2. Its probably not just shutter but the copy buffer that is shared between apps.
  3. edit->resources should bring up a submenu with “edit palletes” and “cleanup removed files” in it. How are the other nested menu’s

There are two other places you can look for help. the irc channel on freenode and

Hi, I’m on Ubuntu 12.04 DE: unity.
1> it’s from the time I’m modifying , changing settings of the filters and while applying…60% of time and sometimes during working with the filters, krita went unresponsive and closed.

2> Copy buffer? How to fix it? because it’s irritating you know…you want to create anew canvas and you get the last screenshot you took and you need to re-log in to get back a new canvas…

3>edit>resources> gives me a straight floating line… more like if you apply drop shadow to a straight line. It happens when a part of the submenu cant load i guess…But that happens for me everytime in edit>resources>nothing. Same behaviour shows tools> tutorials > nothing but a stright line
Other menus and submenus are working good.

Attaching shots.

And no, I cant go to krita related sites since today…there is something wrong in their server…