Krita 3.0 Shell Extension for Windows -- Where's the Installer?

Okay. So Krita 3.0 was just released today. SWEET!
And apparently there’s a Windows shell extension to allow Krita files to be viewed in Windows Explorer. SWEET!!
Krita’s site points to a GitHub repo for it. The repo seems to indicate there’s an installer there somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.
End users shouldn’t have to compile anything. I don’t even have anything that could compile it on my machine. Not even sure I could fill dependencies. I was barely able to compile basic software when I was under Linux, and that’s FAR easier than compiling under Windows.
SO! Where’s the installer?

Hi! There is an installer on krita’s downloads page

Here is a direct link:

Hi! Link to the installer is on the krita’s download page
Here is a direct link: