krita is so freaking slow :(

well i googled krita lag and stuff like i didn’t find any thing that, i use to have krita before and it didnt lag :frowning: im on windows btw

Same here. I just cant use it my sliders are to difficult to adjust the window jumps/. I read it has some hesitations on Linux also. Im new to krita I was thinking of getting a older version.

i ended up uninstalling my version as at got slow very quickly and also the version of Krita for windows comes bundled with some office software that took up a huge amount of my very limited hard drive space, which i couldn’t un install seperatly from Krita which i was dissapointed about.

i figured the lag was due to my antique PC cos everything lags with this thing (even minesweeper…!)

The Windows version is not quite stable yet and I believe they want to have a version without the “useless” software included.

Now I cant find a 2.4 download!

no KO GmbH seem to have pulled version 2.4 in favor of the new allegedly stable 2.5 version. it looks like there is a standalone version for windows too, no need to include the useless calligra suit as well!

(usless to me, i’m sure calligra suit is an impressive software for those that need that kind of thing.)


The old download is still available at The “stable” in Krita 2.5 for windows refers to the branch – it’s the stable development branch, not the break-everything master branch. But Krita on Windows is still, and will be for some time, experimental. We’re working on a sketch version of Krita on Windows, but so far few improvements have trickled back to the desktop version of Krita. I do think that that the 2.5.2 version is better than 2.4, though 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 had some problems.

I really wish someone who really knows about Windows would join the team – we’re suffering from a big lack of expertise here.

i wonder what it is primarily that slows it down for some and not for others, or what’s different about different versions. i installed Krita 2.5 on Mint 13 and it was paaaaainfully slow and unresponsive. i uninstalled all the libraries, installed Krita 2.4 instead, and it worked flawlessly. long story short, my Mint 13 OS is suddenly defunkt, so i migrated back to Windows 7 and tried the “experimental” Krita 2.5 installer. very surprisingly, it works without a hitch, though one or two of the default brushes slow down and get jittery. go figure.

could this issue you’re having have something to do with graphics cards, or number of threads, 64-bit OS’es, etc? you said you’re on Windows, but which Windows? XP, Vista, or 7? 32 or 64-bit? how much RAM, cores, etc?

i have 64 bit windows 7 8gb of ram gtx 460 with 1 gb vram

Using Krita 2.5.2 here on KDE Development 4.9.2 here. I have been using Krita since before the official release of 2.4, the only problems I have experienced were in version 2.5.1 but the 2.5.2 update fixed those. I’ve also seen a healthy increase in performance since 2.4 days.

I use Sabayon 10 KDE 64-bit, as I tried many linux distros and its the one that works best for me. Krita updates automatically about a week or less after any big release, that goes for most other drawing Apps etc I would use, and it is very stable and faster than some comparable KDE distros.

The Krita Team have done an excellent job of Krita, I just wish more people could try it the way it was meant to be used, very impressive.