Krita, saving EXR grayscale images converts to RGBA instead of saving just grayscale

I am trying to save a grayscale EXR image. I created the image in Krita using the 4096 x 4096 32 bit grayscale profile I chose when I started. When I’m working on it, it has a gray channel and an alpha channel. When I save it as EXR and reload it, it has RGBA channels and appears green in color because the green channel is white, and the blue channel is black. The red channel contains my grayscale image. Is there a solution to this? Am I doing something wrong? When I save in other formats it’s fine.

I’m a newbie at Krita. Is there a way to delete channels like I can in Photoshop? Or draw just in one channel? Can’t I edit the alpha channel?


I find GIMP works better than Krita for 32 bit EXRs.

If we are talking about blender, in theory you can add a separate RGB node after the picture, and drive RED into a color ramp or something else.

If the red channel really correctly contains the BW image, then you should be able to extract and use it like this.

Thanks. Yes, that would work as a work around. I suppose I could also just work in RGBA instead, and just desaturate it. But it’s really odd it won’t save it in grayscale, as I imagine Krita gets used for this purpose a lot.
I asked the same question in the Krita forum and haven’t gotten an answer.


I may install Gimp just for this purpose. I read there was a version made to act more like Photoshop. I need to find that. I just generally never liked Gimp.