Kung-Fu (project files available)

“Never mistake motion for action.” - Ernest Hemingway

Inspired by some of my most indispensable tools at home - and the use of them thereof. And needless to say, by my irrational fear of cockroaches, especially the flying ones. >_<

More info and project files available at

Have fun!

Created with: Blender, Cycles, and GIMP


It’s a really lovely bear!

also very nice colours ! :slight_smile:

This is great! Nothing really to critic. I love the shine on the right side of his fur!

The lighting and materials are stunning, but the fur is a little…swirly. Still though, awesome work. 5* from me. =)

Stunning render, i like the idea :).
nice composition.

That’s great! Love theme and of course the roaches!

nice one … love the lighting…

Love it!
I have some questions:). Do you prefer to work with GIMP or Photoshop ? Would you say that you could accomplish the same objectives with gimp compared to photoshop ? Is it hard to learn (GIMP)?
Big fan of your work!