Kurzwell (Google); Human intelligence will become largely artificial by the 2040's

Why, because he says that the brain of every man, women, and child will have artificial enhancements that will connect to the cloud and give everyone direct access to every piece of knowledge obtained throughout history. By the 2040’s, the human brain will largely no longer be a biological system at all, but an artificial one.

First off, the “what could possibly go wrong” factor here is immense, imagine if a rogue entity hacked into that cloud and was able to literally control the minds of every person on the planet (fighting back in turn will not be an option, because no one will know how to do that). I could get hacking the brain to make learning and memory abilities a lot more powerful and a lot more efficient (so overall intelligence and man’s ability to develop new technology gets a vast increase that way), but having everyone on a mind-link akin to the Borg in Star Trek or the Matrix Trilogy, while potentially leading to things like unlocking the secrets of interstellar travel in a matter of minutes, might just be a risk too big to take.

First we accessed the internet via the computer, then sometimes soon the internet becomes the computer, then the internet comes for us (and maybe our pets), and then we see a world where people could do anything and do it in any form they want (be it a dog, an dinosaur, a Dragon, an amorphous blob, whatever), is this something we would actually want to see happen?

Enter, ghost in the shell.

The Borg in Star Trek were inspired by corporations. The mind control you speak of already exists. The Borg represent a corporate collective in so much as there is generally a single mind that controls the actions of all the other minds ‘below’ it on the hierarchy. The hive mind makes all the decisions and the rest of the Borg carry out those decisions without any power to make their own decisions.

The same is true in a corporation. You do not have the power to determine when you get out of bed, when you eat lunch, when or how you interact with others, all of those decisions are made by your superiors and you only carry them out.

You fear that an artificial intelligence may take over the minds of all humans, but really this has already happened.

P.S. Hopefully an artificial intelligence can do a better job of it.

I think it would be great if they could make anything they wanted.So as long as they had control over them through time travel.I would love to do it myself.

I think that once we are over 50% machine,

we will want ‘Sentient Ai’ that thinks and feels,
as well as ‘lower Ai’ -robots that don’t think or feel,

and a sentient AI, could be raised just like a human and have the same rights,
as a human.

We are in fact organic computers. To act like AI would be evil just because it can think does not take into account that a AI is what you teach it to be, and what it then decides to become.

So if a giant multi-purpose vacuum cleaner wanted to marry a walking fridge, then…

Seriously, stuff like that is whats going to reduce society to a giant parody directed by drunken clowns.

Also, nice dehumanization, saying humans are nothing more than fleshy computers following input/output data parsing and reactive functions, I guess we should let everyone who broke the law out of jail because they didn’t actually do the crime by choice.

I am born,
I have a few goals

I fire randomly, when something gets me what I need,
I try to generate rules about what workez,

eventually I understand rules about making rules.

eventually I make my own goals

eventually I understand what I am,

I am a series of blocks of inherited code,
and self generated code

many parts of me conflict,
I weight those parts input based on many things

I decide what part of me to listen to,

I am a thinking, organic machine.

I think there will be machines and ‘equals’.

equals are Ai that think and feel,

machines (like vacuum cleaners) will not have deep learning, emotions, or feel pain, equals will be just like a human, that happens to be made of parts.

Intelligent AI is on its way into everything, your home, your car, your tablet

Giving them human rights would mean assuming that your Chevy will want to marry your iPhone or your neighbor’s house (because they will have central computer/AI systems that think). If you drop your friend’s phone or accidentally crash his car, would you face 50 years in jail on a murder charge? If you think such ideas would be moral and right, then you do not know what those words mean.

Essentially, unless the purpose of AI is to serve humanity, act to its convenience, and make your way of living smarter and more productive, you dramatically diminish the value of human life to something that’s little more than disposable.

a programable tool is not a deep learning ai.

it is a pre definied system of operation,

a deep learning ai learns to program itself.

Believe it or not there’s a movement to extend legal personhood to some members of the great ape family.

until it creates god out of nothing, i am the one
until it lives, it’s dead
until it’s experienced… it’s just a system

Real life of Skynet?

I prefer that chappie happens rather then skynet.

In trying to figure out what kind of threats that there might be, more realistic and less nebulous motives are needed. Greed and power just aren’t that good for measurement and prediction. Understanding predispositions and having some idea about the possible environment is needed and unfortunately; we can’t understand the predispositions of cyborgs and don’t know what the environment will be. This is beyond Vinges’ interpretation of the singularity and the notion that we could make predictions about it and have any impact on it is probably wrong.


I, my ego… hunger… a greedy, sneaky person can & will apply more intelligence & mental power with the use of synthetics.
Nothing new if you look at ‘sports’. Banks will no longer need employees. Government & bureaucracy will fall under the influence of the unforgiven, no mistakes. Of head… The city, The State will get it’s broken mind and hardened soul of matter. Zen does not exist. Garden is chaos. It is the new normal. There’s no threat if you adapt, assimilate. Though, is one a human or machine? Does it leaves a choice? Everyone must be let free. Forgiven crime, forgiven death, forgiven hell.
Since the idealization of capita / creation of cities (civilization) we have problems among each other based on simple principals - peace & war / eros - tanatos / goo VS ba… :stuck_out_tongue:

Noone will see no chappie nor ex-machina, no ghost in the shell (the characters are all just us, mixture of matter & medium)… since we don’t understand the implementation of ‘pain’ there can be no ‘value’ but pure ‘logic’ which in fact is nothing without possibility of anomalies, mistakes, chance, choice… which truly makes an evolution… an experience.

While minds take it for granted… standing on feet, considering choices…
It’s a process of 15 billion ‘years’… out of, from nothing.
Deciding moment is existence of chaos in every choice one makes. Show me a machine that can decide of nothing. Will it understand a memory of existence? Will it react as a nature/kozmos/‘all there is’ or as one ego wish?

“To be or not to be?”, supossedly can be thought of enough apes.
“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” From nothing.
“There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium.”
It’s just a field. What you saw, you will reap.

Prophecy is just an eternal stupidity that blind do follow.
Live & enjoy the game.

“In an experiment run at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne, Switzerland*, robots that were designed to cooperate in searching out a beneficial resource and avoiding a poisonous one learned to lie to each other in an attempt to hoard the resource.”

insane, in the mainframe?

Interesting… it’s an effect in every system where there’s competition (to succeed, win, survive, mate, gather…). Really nothing intelligent, pure reaction to an action, caused by integrated rules. An obstruction. Might be to some a ‘tool’ made out of available rules. If intelligence were present, wouldn’t there be any other result or some consequence of such a predictable reaction? Creation of ‘new rules’ within boundaries of existing (i.e. since they were designed to cooperate - flocking, grouping, isolation, …)? Yet, finally, rules were just mimicking the existent order, so results are nothing out of the ordinary. The system had the learning ability.

I still wonder what is, the pain? How is it integrated? As nothing? For sure it’s not insanity (something out of the norm).
Could be something irrational? Or is it chaos? It surely is highly complex mechanism tightly integrated with ‘life’ to cause intelligence… it seems that it has kind of adaptive ruling to what’s success?

Another, more prominent example would be… let the experiment out of the isolation as with Rat Park.

It would be interesting to learn more details about the experiment. For instance, did the AIs “die” when they didn’t get enough of the resource? How many generations did the experiment produce, enough that the hoarders had hoarded so much that the others had to start killing each other to get what little was left?