KX_Scene addObject huge memory leak when adding a Text object.

Alright, so I’ve been struggling with this issue all day. I originally made a post about this on the Game Development Stack Overflow.

Here’s what’s going on:
I am attempting to add a few text objects into my Blender game (say, anywhere between 1 and 10) and I’ve been using KX_Scene’s addObject function in a startup Python script. This worked fine for me when add spheres to my game. I have a sphere and a text object on another (hidden) layer that I use as my source objects.

When I use the addObject function to duplicate (add) a Text object to my scene Blender’s game engine has a HUGE memory increase. It gets up to about 2,500,000K versus the 300,000K when I comment out the addObject line. Can anyone else duplicate this phenomenon? It only happens when I duplicate a Text object using KX_Scene’s addObject function. Is this a bug, and more importantly is there a work around?