L.O.S.T. screenshots

YO people !

Here you can find screenshots of L.O.S.T. :


It’s a “never ending demo state” game i’m working on for more
than 6 months (just to test game blender).

I’ll post the blend file next week, so be patient (that’s what we call
a “teaser” :smiley: )

Nice! I like it.

That world is nice enough to make a decent game, and an awesome looking one at that. Only thing that bugs me is your simple character with such an awesome environment, and the hay/straw, the strands of which look much too large. I see the hay thing a lot though.

:o :smiley:
Looks really, really cool!
Crits: Same thing here - I think that your character doesn’t really fit into the environment. But the rest?! Cool!!

:o I think 2004 is defently a year of some great blender game. It seams people here on elysiun are using the engine more and more. I can say, that the screens I saw are just great, I mean I want to play this game too. I can’t wait to see the teaser. :smiley: Keep working on it.

umm, those images would load faster as jpegs…

looks nice though

(keep it up)

Very good! :o

Crits: I see the world isn’t toonshaded like the ghost…
so atleast give the ghost a decent texture… some fabric texture that has
holes cut into it… I don’t care if the character doesn’t fit… atleast it has to
be done good…

Here… use this for a texture:


and the model if you want it…

That is real good,but sellchade doesent fit in .
you are good to make the landskape look good :D.
I hope you finish the game :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck :smiley:

Looks pretty cool! Hope to see it soon.

That environment is awsome, but I agree the character looks out of place.

Thanks you people for your posts !
I’ve changed the png pictures for jpeg.
I’ve added 3 more pics.
As my uncle yoda says “the size doesn’t matter” :smiley:
I know the blueghost seems to come form another century
but my goal is not to release a photorealistic demo.
Xintox, thanks for your texture, I’ll try it.

The first playable demo will be on line (as a blend file you can edit)
next week.

That rocks Man! :smiley: The Textures looks great! Self made?

I have seen only one of them in another game(counter strike)

Sweet! Lookin forward to a release! :smiley:

I’ve made some textures (but i’m not yet an artist :smiley: )
I’ve took textures from CS (thanks to “wally”)
But most textures are free pictures found on the web
and modified by my own hand to fit my needs.

In a next post, I’ll list all the tools used to make this demo.

The ghost… seems like a complete JOKE compared with the rest of the GFX… but I can’t wait to play the demo… even if it’s just about moving around, the ambient of the game is so… (hmmm, why not hack it and change the ghost for an Adult Link… just for fun :smiley: )