La Renaissance, my first Blender music clip

Hi all you good Blender people :slight_smile:

Today I just finished after 6 months of work, my animation for my musical ambient composition.
I’m a musician and I just discovered Blender this summer and thought it might be a good tool for creating animations to accompany m musical work. After hard, but pleasant, work to lean and to visualize my imagination with this magnificent tool, I finally can share it to the world :slight_smile:
Please be kind as I’m just a musician and I know the work is still full of artefacts and things I could do (and probably will the next time) better, but this was just an approach for a non-photorealistic, fantasy, colourful 3D animation to express my music!!

I do really hope you can appreaciate the work done.
please share if you like to support the artist :wink:

Thanks for watching and critics.

LuLu M

Sorry for not having correctly included the video frame into the original post. Just couldn’t see the button for it on my stupid tablet, yesterday evening :wink:

OK. Thought it was good. A lot of work on that one. Always enjoy watching others animations. Keep it up!

Thanks for watching StillTrying, very much appreciated!