lable doesnt come up on the surface

hi everyone
i need to stick a lable on the mesh (above the noise texture material) but what shows up is only a black face. Could someone give some tips how to lable the parts? Blend file and lable note are in attachments. Appreciated for support :slight_smile:


test.blend (636 KB)

You need to mix the transparent shader with the texture alpha channel as the mix factor so you have the correct parts solids and the correct parts transparent. Make the transparent colour pure white

  • Object scales and rotations are unapplied. Object mode, select both mesh type objects and ctrl+A -> scale & rotation
  • The text color is black and its background (as color) is black, which is why black as transparent color results to black. Image node was set to non-color data but transparent shader has a color input
  • alpha is grayscale and using an inverse of that as transparent shader color gives text parts opaque and the background is transparent. This is still not using shading and color, just defines the transparency.
  • It’s not enough to hide the mesh from the cylinder though and quickest way to do that is to only show the text plane to the camera and hide it from other rays
  • It’s not good to have intersecting geometry though because that can lead to artifacts if not being careful, could combine the text in the cylinder


  • Text color is mixed with the original diffuse color. The order with glossy is similar as if the text was painted on the cylinder and then the whole thing was sprayed with matte clearcoat
  • Could combine shaders differently if you want to change it to be like a sticker on top, using image texture alpha as a factor for mix shader node

test_ja12.blend (120 KB)

many thanks