Lady Gaga Bad Romance (Alexander Mcqueen Shoes)

I need help meshing the shoes that she wore in the bath tub and in the bear coat scene…plus I need the mesh to be 20,000 faces (for one shoe) or under…Any suggestions that doesn’t involve sculpting? For a picture of the shoes go to Google images and search “Alexander McQueen Plato Atlantis Shoes” and they are the shoes with the spine wrapping around the heel. Sorry for asking for so much but i’m not allowed to put URL’s but hopefully you guys won’t mind.
-Thanks :RocknRoll:

I think you need to sculpt.

Well you see I mesh items for Sims 2, and Sims 2 only allows 45,000 to 60,000 Poly’s for a sim. So thats why sculpting will not be my option. I was wondering if it’s possible to use geometry to make this shoe and what geometry would I use?

Sculpting is a good method for this, because you can retopologize in Blender your sculpture to obtain a low poly model and take advantage of your sculptrue details :

Once you have retopologised a high poly sculpture, you can bake the normals from your high poly into your low poly, or even bake the ambient occlusion to have a texture basis, by example this :

On the left i sculpted this character in Sculptris and ended with 160.000 faces, on the right the Blender-retopologised model on which i baked the ambient occlusion and normals from the high poly sculpture.
And that model is 1800 faces only.

Retopology in Blender is a very interesting feature, it may take a bit of time especially when you’re not used to it as learning new functions are not instantaneous but it is a valuable tool to learn.

Okay thank you! I will sure try that and I will keep posted on how everything turns out :slight_smile:

One more question before I get started…retopologised…I am not familiar with this term.

retopologised i mean that’s something on which you have used retopology , called “retopo” too

Look for some tutorials like this on 2.49b

or these on 2.5x :

There’s a lot more tutorials about retopo on Blender that you will find usefull if you search for them on google
Once you have understood how it works, you will see that it is not something difficult, it just take time depending on how you work on it and on the model complexity.