Lady Mechanika

I just like to say hello to everyone!
This is my first post on blenderartists, and my first work (worth to mention).

Lady Mechanika inspired by Joe Benitez’s drawing

here is my inspiration:

and short animation:

For years, I am looking for help in this forum, so I finally decided to decided to set up Sign here.
Nice to meet you!


Welcome to BA ! And nice to see your first character is very good.

Wow! That’s quite an introduction. :slight_smile: Great work on the modeling. And why was the song Her Strut going through my mind as I watched that animation?

Steve S

Welcome to Blenderartists ikkiz! :smiley:
I love Steampunk! This is great work! I really really like the way she keeps her hands on her toolbelt while she walks. Seems perfectly in character. :smiley:

First impressions really do count, and you’ve definitely impressed me! Really great job and welcome to the Blender Community!

Great work! Can you give details about rendring? It looks fantastic!

Cycles at 400 samples and a little compositing. Emission background make render is realy fast, and eviroment map makes it noisless really quick.
some other details:
522996 faces
textures (Gimp and Krita were used) :
face+skin: 3x (color, bump, glossy mix) 1536x1536 px
leather+boots+metal 2048x2048 (grayscale, does everything from bump map to color ramp)
hair 1024x1024 grayscale.
pants 1024x1024, grayscale baked bumpmap

Full body with original “gambit eyes”

You have chosen the right image for a high-impact first impression ikkiz :slight_smile:
Great look, and very good attention to detail! Keep up the good work!

Very nice. Images like this really show how great Blender is.

This is nuts!! That walkcycles is just too awesome looking. I can`t tell how sexy is this character. She reminds me of Megan Fox kinda…
Welcome to the forum btw.
Awesome work!

Totally Awesome!! I love steampunk !!! :wink:

Great one! I like the cartoon-but-not-so-cartoon materials :D.

Welcome, amazing entry you have done here! Your 1st post is very impressive, looking forward for more good stuffs. All the best.

except the materials everything else is amazing! :smiley:

I love the detail, but I agree with MmAaXx, material need a bit of work.
Overall, it’s amazing!

These materials are often criticized and I understand this point of view.
But it is an artistic decision rather than lack of effort.
It is highly stylized character so hyper-realistic materials would not fooled anyone. I decided to stick to the eye-candy beauty. Enough for me some conventionality: it is the skin, it is a fabric, it is brass, skin is flawless … Smooth and perfect.

My colleague from another forum (plasti at could not stand these materials and pester me to let him do his version.
Here are his materials made in Vray. but honestly I don’t like them.

It seams to be kind a dirty and grungy. “Mad Max” style instead of victorian perfection.
Even face seens dirty.
Not the way I wanted to portray a cartoon character.

Great stuff,

Was the animation made in Blender as well? Did you use a mocap file?

No, the animation is made ​​by hand from the scratch. I practiced cat walk by myself to learn these movements :slight_smile:

Very well done. I love the graphic quality of your materials with this model. I agree that realistic textures/materials would be less appropriate for such a stylized figure.

haha, could you updload that one too? I really could use a laugh. :yes: