Ladybug Tools for Blender

If you ever wondered the impact of sun hours on the 21st of June in Sydney of a building shaped like a monkey, now you know.

For those unaware of Ladybug tools, Ladybug tools is a suite of visual programming nodes that allow users to easily use otherwise rather technical building physics software, and link them to parametric designs. There are four related categories of nodes. Ladybug allows like EPW weather analysis, shadow studies, solar, psychrometric charts, Honeybee does daylight analysis with Radiance, energy models with OpenStudio, and envelope heat flow with Therm. Butterfly hooks into OpenFOAM. Dragonfly models large-scale climate phenomena, such as urban heat island, climate change, and local climate factors such as topography. Together, they form Ladybug tools. I stole this intro from their website, which you should check out here:

The currently proprietary Ladybug visual programming interfaces are shipped as a set of nodes for Rhino + Grasshopper, and for Revit + Dynamo. The idea was floated around that it is possible to port it to Blender as an extension of Sverchok, as most of the code is platform agnostic (which is the hardest part, so a huge thank you to @mostapha !). I’m excited to say that I can finally announce that Ladybug Tools for Blender v0.0.200927 is now released for testing!

These tools are useful for architects, as well as environmental / sustainable design consultants. If this is your field, you’ve probably already heard of Ladybug, and so I would love your feedback!

Installation steps are here.

Video demo:

Enough text, let’s see pictures!


Hollala Waow Congratulations Sir very nice idea! I will make thermic tests with my 3D Brion Cemetery certainly… (Carlo Scarpa architect).

Simply amazing… an ex EcoTect user. Did check it with Rhino GH and was wishing for a ‘cricket’ version :slight_smile: I wonder how it will pan out with a photogrammetric model of an old vernacular farm (house, barn, surroundings…) a challenge ahead :smirk:

a bit off…
Do you have your Brion Vega cemetery on display somewhere? I admire Scarpa’s work and am quite a fan of brutalism, and especially like ambience fused with either classical, contemporary or naturalistic styles

Yes Burnin,
Here you can look all 305 pictures like a diaporama.
This work is a 100% time work for one man since 10 years all days…not nice pictures!
This work is made for a realtime serious-game may be if I can end it… :wink:
Patrick Depoix

Patrick Depoix π
Architecte D.P.L.G.
Historien-chercheur en histoire de l’Architecture
Ex-Maître de conférence de l’Ecole d’Architecture de Lille-Région Nord

5/28 Bd Faidherbes,
08600 Givet
Port (+33/0) 06 21 41 97 79
[email protected]

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Ladybug Tools for Blender v0.0.201010 has been released with 12 new features / fixes. Ladybug Tools is a fully open source visual programming interface for environmental analysis of our built environment. Highlights include easier node inputs, more visualisation support, and improved user documentation. Help test it today!

New features / fixes:

  • You can now type in node inputs directly without needing to connect additional nodes for basic data input
  • Suppress error messages if you accidentally try to visualise non-geometry data
  • Fix bug where a crash occurs if you press undo after refreshing the visualisation
  • Nodes are now grouped into subcategories for easier browsing
  • Sexy icons added for all the nodes
  • Fix bug where objects with translations aren’t correctly analysed
  • Fix bug where booleans were not correctly interpreted
  • Add support for vertex colours in visualisations (i.e. for continuous legends)
  • Add support for 2D point visualisations
  • Fix bug where text height was artificially doubled
  • New description tooltips for node inputs and outputs
  • New help icon for each node to describe the node behaviour

Thanks you so much for your addons! Yet congratulations.

…but why this link to your github while the install is only Sverchok + blenderbim addons???
The only usefull link is :

There are many users coming from a non Blender background, so I need to link them to Sverchok to install, as well as the point cloud visualiser add-on.

No here is only a blender forum and ladybug addon is only for Blender use. I don’t see why to go to your github with all this files that arn’t link with the blender addon.

When you release your addon, the only needed information is the link to download this release! It’s difficult to follow your kind of informations. Be clear, please.
You are not on the Freecad forum so confused here!