Laferrari Aperta Visualization

Hey guys!

Hope you all are doing great! Or at least as good you can in these corona times.

I have been working on a visualization scene for the beautiful LaFerarri Aperta.
I set the scene in an old warehouse was the idea, quick model of a section of the walls and painted em in Substance. Not to much time was spent on the building as i didn’t plan on making any renders showing em directly or if it was show it would be out of focus.

The main focus of this project was to improve my shading, i got some feedback on some of my reacent renders that i should go thru my shaders a bit more, so that was my goal. Spent a good amount of time on my new procedural tire shader, i will be sharing that soon! And then ofc the main car paint.

The renders are made (resulution) for instagram, so 1350x1080 is what a usually render at for instagram.

Render 1 Top

Render 2 Front

Render 3 Tire detail

Render 4 Paint Detail

Here is the “simple” wall model i made, and then its just arrayed into a house.

Blender view port (with a ton of cameras XD)

The main car paint node

And some post processing in Photoshop to ad some cool stuff as caustics on the ground and do the color correction!

Feel free to check out the rest of my work!

Have a great day!



Your work is AWESOME, l like it.

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@ShineThorns Thank you so much :slight_smile: