Lag on rotation

Hello, I’m playing around with the game engine developing something like a space station. I’m using GLSL and so far made 2 rooms with 10-15 materials, several lamps and baked occlusion and shadows. The textures are mainly jpg and png 512x512 to 2048x2048 for more detailed objects (around 30-40mb for everything). The game has very good framerate, but when I play it and rotate the character to a portion of the level he hasn’t seen yet there is a very serious lagging for like 2-3 seconds, and then its ok and rotates smootly. If the game lags every time the character turns around a new corner it would be rather unpleasant experience. I imagine it’s because of some sort of loading , but does someone knows why this happens or how to eliminate that problem ?

PS. The effect is mainly in the standalone player, in the viewport it plays smootly.

Ok I tested with camera clipping 10 and it still chopping ridiculously ONLY in standalone player for the first time i test the game and look over the level, then it is smoth. Hasn’t anybody encountered something like this?