I got a model I am modeling and I got quite a vew vertices. 145990 to be exacte and blender is starting to lag. How can I make it better?

I’m getting some slight lag too with an Amd 2000+ and 1GB with scenes that have ~100000+ vertices. You could model something (the background or another object or something) in a different layer, that seems to be rather smooth as Blender doesn’t have to update all of those vertices of the other layers all the time.

Well the lag is happing and I dont have a background all I got is a ship with a lot of vertices and I am going some time or later to have to add more. And I know it is going to get worse. Is there a way to get rid of vertices without making huge hole in my ship?

You can decimate it (modifier, in the F9 panel) or delete edge loops (alt-rmb to select one, x->delete edgeloop).

uhhhh…did you say that right?

How come? Or are you using 2.37a? Then you can use the decimator in the F9 panel, but it isn’t a modifier and theres no automated way (atleast without scripts) to delete edgeloops.

Well that wan…uh…interesting. :S The reason that I didn’t find it earlier is because I was in edit mode not object mode. Anyway, I did lowered the amount some and it messed up the wire frame and didn’t remove the lag. I got 2.37

Uhm… you didn’t say if you’re using SubSurf or not… if you are, then check the subsurf value.

There are a few things you can do.

Model all the parts (hull, deck, floor etc) seperate. If you have already modelled them then select the parts seperately in edit mode and split them with P, you can join them with Ctrl-J later if you want to.

While modelling you can hide parts of the mesh you’re not dealing with using H (Alt-H to unhide).

Put seperate objects on seperate layers as mentioned and only open the layer you’re working on.

Model a low poly framework (1/4 to 1/3 of the verts) and use Subsurf to ‘fill it out’.