Lagging bone constraints

Hi, I have found other older threads about this problem but write one myself since the solutions/workarounds mentioned in the other threads don’t work for me.
So, the problem is that blender sometimes lag 1 frame when updating the armatures animation. To be more specific I have a pretty complex human’ish armature (based on the one from Rigify) and there are some bones driven by a chain of constraints that lag. I don’t know why the rest of the armature isn’t affected though.

Here is my .blend and a pic of which bones that lag:

You can see it lag if you play the animation, and the said bones immediately update if you attempt to move any of the bones.

So, any solution to this, like a script that re-update the scene each frame?



File.blend (5.71 MB)

Pls, I can’t render my animation before I get the constraints right… :frowning:

There’s no animation in the file you posted, but these lags are usually the result of a dependency cycle. Bone A depends on bone B, which depends on bone C, which depends on bone A… that sort of thing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t locate it, but try running blender from a console, any circular dependencies should show.

Oops, fixed it, the animation is there now.
What do you mean with running blender from a console?

Aaah, thanks for the hint, it truly was a dependecy problem. And luckily it was easy to fix, thanks!