Lake District - Wastwater & Laz

Another day, another scene from the Lake District. I thought it needed a flash of colour and a focal point, so added a little robot of my own making (I don’t really do ‘modelling’ - pretty much my first attempt at any animate object… can get a reasonably long way by smashing primitives together :grimacing:).
Luckily, as well as his rubber parts, ‘Laz V1.01’ is also made from a super-duper futuristic deforming metal that allows his chassis to bend as necessary! He also likes rambling around the national parks of England, which is handy for me. I imagine he may pop up in future projects, albeit with some improvements.

Obviously, not the most original idea, but it makes it a bit different and I enjoyed doing it. The juxtaposition of a robot in what is supposed to look a bit like an oil painting was also attractive to me (but yes, not original :stuck_out_tongue:). Also gives me a new avenue to go down, as I won’t be happy until Laz is a great robot (expect it to be version V100).

Also included are some non-robot ‘shots’ and non-painterly images for completeness.

(Edit: Uploaded a version without the annoying cloud on the left hand mountain (which is called Yewbarrow, if anybody is interested).


All I can say about this is Wow :open_mouth:! Everything in this shot looks so polished and natural! I wouldn’t have expected the robot to work as well as it does, but it really feels like it fits!
You’ve also mastered the painterly look, if I wasn’t on blender artists, I genuinely would have thought that the stylized ones were painted. How is that done?
Amazing work!

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Thank you, that’s very kind! :blush:

The ‘painterly’ effect comes from merging and blending different Photoshop actions I’ve downloaded and different filters etc and just playing around with it until I get something I’m happy with. Lots of trial and error and searching on Google to find things that might help create ‘the look’ I’m after.

Thanks again - very much appreciated.

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Probably not supposed to add to a ‘final’ post, but I can’t stop tinkering. I think the shots with some DOF work the best, so here is another (with and without some artistic flourish).


The robot is really good. Adding a character to a landscape scene does wonders. I think you have played with this scene so much it is reaching the level of “masterpiece”.

I think these are great.


Thank you, that is extremely kind and very much appreciated :blush: