Lakeside Cabin

Greetings all,
Repurposed a cabin I made, added a boat and dropped in some trees and a lake. Couldn’t decide on lighting, so I rendered out two versions. I think I like rainy best. Critiques welcome!


This looks great! I really like the sunny lighting version, good job!

Looking good! One thing I would say that would make the whole scene (especially the sunny one) look 10x better is using Filmic Blender. Filmic Blender allows for a much higher dynamic range than the regular encoder and would prevent the kind of overexposed/clipping look that you’re getting on the sunny image.

Also, another thing that immediately draws the eye are the reeds, and they need some work. Experiment with node setups and watch videos on using a translucency/Subsurface Scattering shader with the reeds as all plants have an element of translucency.

May I also know what texture resolution you used?

Apart from a few things that will take it to the next level, the scene looks great, good work!

Kind regards,


Really appreciate the feedback! I did use Filmic Blender and the False Color display to set my HDRI sky (Andrew Price’s Pro Lighting Sky). I rendered the images as Radiance HDR and bring into Photoshop, convert to 32bit tiff, then adjust in camera raw. I like the flexibility it gives. It’s easier for me to use than the Blender compositor. I didn’t think of translucency with the cat tails. They’re pretty thick, but yes, probably do have some. My textures are from all over and vary in size., Poliigon and some from a Rob Tuytel Environment course. I’ve attached a re-render made before the comments.