I like it, it seems quite.
Beautiful the colors used, like the lights from the cottage/house (?) (sorry, I don’t have the right word, I’m not English), the lawn and the water.
The lights and mostly the water color are particular.

There is a sort of cozyness thanks to the lights, I think that if them would be dim, probably the landscape would be a little frightening.

Love the cat and the later on the bridge (yes! I noticed them :grin:)

Good work!

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate the compliments. Yes I was definitely going for a cozy vibe for sure! I’m surprised you noticed the cat! It was hard to see.

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I cannot not see the cat, so cute, I like particulars in a landscape :cat:.
How much time did you spent on this project?

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This project took me a day. Yes I love details in a landscape as well!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!