Lama beige - archviz visualizations inspired by photos

I decide to increase my interior rendering skills, again and tried to recreate photos from professional architecture photographer Pavel Botanov to visualizations. I have to say, I really enjoyed the process from modeling part to final touches during the post-process. Here you can see the results made in Blender - Octane renderer

The project Lama beige beautifully designed by architects Yana Osipenko and Anastasiya Kurbakova was a clear choice immediately as I saw it for the first time. I really love the color palette and overall atmosphere of the apartment. So, I want to thanks architects for the great work they did, so I could use it as a reference for my rendering exercise.

As architects say: Lama Beige — is about home comfort, softness, and naturalness. Flat smooth surfaces, neutral tones, light wood, soft textiles, and light. All zones are opened towards the windows to add more natural light. Few contrastive details and spots of color add special uniqueness to space.

Here you can see photos that inspired me and appreciate their project.


Wow, this looks awesome! :heart_eyes:
Are you using LUTs? The colors are so pleasing.
How have you modeled the feather grass? Mind sharing it in wireframe? :blush:
Is pomegranate a photoscan? It looks so realistic.
The only noticeable thing for me is TV screen. I think it will benefit from some imperfections(displacement?).
You’ve done fantastic work matching photo references!

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Thank you for your comment
I am using Octane LUTs, and some decorations I did buy, I have to write it there that not everything was modeled by me as this personal project was not focused on modeling, but on atmosphere and realism.
And good point with TV screen :wink:

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Thanks for replying.
It does not diminish the work you’ve done, if not everything was modeled by you. The result is what matters. And it definitely turned out realistic!
I was just curious how to even approach modeling something like this. With grass for example is it hair on hair, or maybe curved planes…
Anyway, sorry for pouring questions like that. You are one of those people whose works inspire me and I would like to learn from.

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Thank you once again I apreciate it, I am trying to create some tutorials, but somehow everytime something else is more important… :slight_smile:


I modeled this lamp, used in the project, by myself (a very rare situation, because I´m lazy when it comes to modeling) so if you like it feel free to download it here :wink: