Lambda Shuttle

Its been a while since I made anything in Blender and just came across some great reference photos so I decided to start modeling a Lambda Shuttle from the Star Wars movies…

Here is quick render of what I have so far…

Its the dorsal fin.


Hehe, first to post !:RocknRoll:

I am happy to see some star wars Moddeling ! Good luck but it seems that you are on a good start!

Here is a small update…

I’ve began work on the cab

@exile- Thanks, Almost 50% of the work I do is Star Wars, I’m a big fan.:wink:


Another Update,
added some of the body and finished the front of the cab…
also used raytrace AO instead of approximate


Looks better than the ILM models already :slight_smile:

@fudje - thanks, but I guarantee ILM could model one twice as good…

I was meaning the plastic models, but anyway.

pretty sweet, looking good!

Small Update… started on the wings.


The model is finished!:smiley:
Now Animation…
Here is a quick animation of the wings unfolding.

note: you may have to right click and view image to see animation… GIF’s hate me;)