Lamborghini Centenario Burnout

Hey Blender fam!
I’ve been working on this scene for a while trying to get a good looking smoke sim for a burnout. This particular sim was made with embergen, and I added some extra detail with a noise texture. If you have some tips for this or something else about the render please leave a comment!

Here is the node setup for the smoke:

The (free!) Centenario model is from Jakub Przybolewski.


Looks great! I think it would look a little nicer if your smoke were bigger. If you watch a real burn out, especially at stand still burnout, the smoke seems to rise and be a little more full. Your picture kinda looks more like the car should be moving like a peal out burnout. Also i’d try to make the smoke a little more transparent. But it looks amazing so far! Good Job!

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Ey! thanks for the reply!

Really helpful stuff. I wasn’t really sure how dense I should make it, so I’ll especially pay attention to the comment on transparency for my next attempt. My trial for embergen ended though, so it’ll be awhile until I can work on this more. Hopefully, it’ll have more features when I finally buy it. :grin:

God bless, man.