Lamborghini Countach

Hello everyone, this is my WIP Lamborghini Countach. I chose this car because it has a lot of hard edges which make it seem like it would be easier to model. Plus it cool! Anyway, here are what I have so far after about 2hrs total of work.

And my favorite detail.

Please comment and criticize. But please keep in mind that I’m not trying to get it 100% accurate. I’m just trying to make something that captures the essence of the vehicle, has good topolgy, and looks cool.

Here’s my progress so far.

Also, could anyone tell me how I might fill that hole in the back? I sort of made it by mistake. :slight_smile:

Do an extrude, and weld at center. That’s what I’d do.

How do i do a weld? Sry still a relative noob.

Just select the vertices on the edge of the hole, hit e, right click to cancel the extrusion, then s > 0 to scale them to the same point. Finally hit w > remove doubles to make it one vertex

Or you can select two edges and hit F to make a quad between them or use the loop tools add-on and use the bridge tool connect two sets of edges.

It’s interesting to see the box-modelling approach being applied to a car model after a while. Keep it up.