Lamborghini gallardo - First attempt

Hi, i’m a blender/cg newbie. I started this thread to get comments/critiques/ideas from you guys! i really want it, to improve my experience. So, here is what i have done so far. well, how does it look? thanks.

Hi, Here is an update. Please give your comments/critiques, if any… thanks

Hi, Please let me know, how to make hard corners in the circled area? when i apply the sub-surf modifier it makes round corners. please help. thanks

Hi, Please let me know, how to make hard corners in the circled area? when i apply the sub-surf modifier it makes round corners. please help. thanks

If you add a loopcut (Ctrl+R) on the rounded mesh, and slide it towards the rounded corner, it will become sharper.

Overall, especially for your first try, its coming along great. It’ll all look much better once you fix all the rounded corners with loopcuts. I’m sure you aren’t completely finished with the little vent that is right in front of the taillight, but remember that the car actually dips down into the vent there, and the top of the vent follows the curves of the car perfectly. The way you have it now, the top of the vent is just resting on top of the car, as if it is a separate piece. Keep it up :smiley:

u need one more extrude for last 6 edges.

Hi, Thanks for the tip. But then it makes a little bump/hard edge on the bonnet which is ugly :frowning: Pls see below images.

And yes, i haven’t done with the vent :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. but i didn’t get it, which 6 edges? pls let me know. thanks


Sorry, messed up…

Nice choice for a first car, not to difficult to model, but very beautiful. You seem to be having some difficulty with the hood, here is what I did for it, It may be useful for you.


I wouldn’t suggest this for 2 reasons. The first and most important is it over topos the surface. You will have weird reflections and strange seams. Second is that depth should be handled with a “solmidify” modifier. It does 2 things which is A:allows you to turn off visibility of unneeded verts. B:is it provides a realistic depth to the panels.

Here is what I suggest. Generally, using triangular polygons is a little bit of a no-no. I am going to tell you right now that you need to throw that notion out the door. That exists as a fail safe for noobs who dont yet understand edge flow and how loopcuts will act before they apply them. I modeled out the bonnet. Also, here are some shader ieas for cycles. Take a look.




I apologize for the mistake, again…

Hi, Thank you all for the suggestions. I fixed all the corners and still, there are lot to do. :evilgrin:

@ThorntonStrolia, Thanks for the car paints. i’ll try them next time

Here is a quick update :smiley:

Nice work! can’t wait to see more. I see you are taking your time with the modelling and doing it well. Keep that up. it will pay off in the end with rendering.

if I may make a suggestion for the tires. Pardon my comment if they are only temporrary, but if you plan on keeping them, you may want to bring them to the same modeling skill level that you have given the rest of the car. If you would like a video to help start you out, I would suggest Andrew Prices. Don’t use the good year tires, though. Find a picture of a Gallardo rim online, then use that. Look for one in profile view. Then when you are ready for the wheel walls, I have a time lapse for making bumps that can be found here -