Lamborghini Gallardo

I’m learning blender 2.53 almost entire week, and this is few hours of work, not even close to finished, but anyway i wanted to show you my ‘progress’ :slight_smile:
Actually, i’m nearly ten years in 3d… thing, that is why i’m learning blender so easily… :wink:
I hope you’ll like it… :smiley:

…and sorry for my bad english…


Wow, that is really nice, I think I like the red one better. Oh, and Welcome to Blender.

I was going to say, a week in Blender and you’re doing THAT?!

Great start, man! I still haven’t gotten the hang of modeling vehicles yet. It’s definitely an art in and of itself.

looks like solid modeling skills, but the render is letting you down with AA on the thinnest places

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Nice work, it looks amazing!

Thanks for nice words! :slight_smile: I appriciate that.

Well, now i feel i have to say little more about my 3d work.
First of all, blender, from now on, is the only 3d software i’ll use. I said before that i’m messing with 3d almost ten years, 3ds max actually. That is why i can easily figure out how other softwares works.
Why i’ve started using blender?!.. one reason is the workflow…damn it’s fast!! And from my experience, it have biggest potential than any other software, and many other stuff i’ve noticed…

I’ve used this Lamborghini as a reference, to work on it while i’m learning blender. It is very simple scene, one light source, one plane, one car… it’s just few hours of work, the thing is, in max it would take much longer (or it’s just me…).

Problems in render disappear whan i’m increase subdivison, it’s perfect with 4, but i needed to reduce it on 2. With 4, strange things start happening with my computer (oooold configuration).

When i’ve started using GIMP, i realized that photoshop is just taking to much space on my computer, so i uninstalled it. And now i’m planing the same thing with 3ds max. BLENDER RULES!!!

Once again, thanks for nice words, this is the first work i’ve ever published, i’m really glad you like it. :slight_smile:
And i’ll post better works in the future, i promise. :slight_smile:

…and sorry for my bad english.

Oh, and one last thing, i’m working on my new blog, all my future work will be there (but to be honest, naming the blog was relly headache).