Lamborghini Huracán with interiour

Hey there,

I’m quite new here at the forum and wanted to show a bit of my work. I started with cars in Blender and my most advanced and detailed project has been this Lamborghini Huracán that I made with interiour:

I also used it for some animations:

Recently I did a custom rig for the car with physics-based suspension and drifting and so on, although I don’t have (uploaded) an animation for that yet and it’s still quite buggy when I use it with curves. If you want to see it in action, I may upload some OpenGL-renders.
I know I’m mo real pro for lighting or materials, so I would appreciate a few hints and tips, for the material especially, I would like to improve it.
So what do you think?


there are some more renders:

great job, like the video!

There’s a vid about the rig I made: