Lamborghini MIura P400 SV

final render , 7AO samples, ~1,5h render time

Awesome work man !

Why aren’t more people posting on this! It is really good! The interior isn’t perfect, but I didn’t notice it when I first saw the image. Maybe add a bit more shininess to the paint of the car next time for a newer effect. Still looks good! Good job!

say is the Had-Light textured ? coz it feels more textured more than modeled to me! :confused:
over all cool 4 stars

i love this car

yes this is a wonderful car, I hesitated to comment because I am new here and I hate to be the one to say it because this is really fine work but I expected someone to say it :slight_smile:

You should not do metal without HDR lighting :slight_smile:

But that sounds critical and that is not what I mean…what I mean is: Great Stuff :slight_smile: