Lamborghini Miura

My new model…( I know another wip.:o)

comments are welcome


Looks good so far! Not sure if this is going to effect the results much but you have a lot of triangles in your mesh. Sometimes they don’t agree quite right with Subsurf, but if you aren’t seeing anything then it must be alright. Can’t wait to see more!

As Dudebot said, be careful with those triangles… If you have two tris next to each other then unless they form a special part of the model (such as a sharp point where a quad would be impractical) merge them into a quad by selecting them in face select mode and hitting F.

Also, I can’t see any door handles, and the gap between the door and the body could have sharper edges. Other than that, it’s very nice, can’t wait to see more.

thanks for replay
some new stuff


materials and composition, only 2 AO samples:(:(still w.i.p.)

another test render

final render