Lamborghini Murcielago ( Noob Model )

hey guys … im a noob to blender ( was a noob to 3ds b4 … but kinda liked blender more so switched over ) … not my first car model … but considerin the uders sucked BIG TIME … dis is my first “decent” looking car …

Im having trouble in a whole lot of places in the model … the air vent on the sideskirt looks like somebody used a shotgun on it … and i somehow cant get the flaps on the read where the roof meets the side ( the hole in the rearview image ) … i was hoping somebody could help me out …


looks good keep going. I really like the shape. and I usually don’t like lambourgines.:smiley:

That’s coming along well! I once modeled a lamborghini, and yours is already looking much better than mine was.

The mesh looks OK to me but is a bit dense for my taste, especially on the sides.

Make sure you have the mirror modifier before the subsurf modifier in the stack.

As far as the errors you are talking about we could help you but we need more information - a close view (wire and shaded) of the error area.

question: do you set it to “set smooth”?
like spiderdog21 said: looks good keep going :slight_smile:

spiderdog21 & QuixoticSmile : tanks :smiley:

xilemina : tanks and no i dint use set smooth … i modelled wid subsurf level 2 on … so its comin out pretty smooth as it is

cipix : i saw ur citroen man … and it is niceeeeee :cool: … really need some tips from you … i changed the order on the modifier stack as u said … i did the flaps but somehow it just doesnt look good … the side air vent i talked abt i hv removed … ill post images once i do dem again …


put in some materials so the window frames and stuff show properly … wrked on the rear a bit … the flap part still looks weird … :frowning:


I think you must make separate objects,and objects must be well-arranged,because now there is hole between some objects.:rolleyes:

the whole ting is one mesh … excpet the rack tingy on the back … if u mean the hole in btwn the windshield and hood … dat i stll hv to model … i guess making it in parts does help … im using dat method on an Audi A6 im tryin to model … hopefully dat will come out better:)

Hmm… this is one of the best “noobish”(yeah right) models I’ve seen!

My major crit is the black thingy behind the side windows.