Lamborghini Murcielago

So here is the project was working on for the past few months. I was doing this whenever I got some spare time and it was a lot of fun doing this Lambo! The main goal of the project was to improve skills in subdivision and vehicle modeling. The hardest part of the process was to make good reflections, which will look good at any angle and in real time usage. The idea was to use as many polygons as necessary to achieve great reflections and details even at closeup shots but at the same time without using more polygons than necessary to make it suitable for real time use. In the end, the total poly count of the vehicle turned out to be 280k tris (and 180k without wheels). The vehicle was modeled and rendered in Blender, textures made in Photoshop and bakes in Substance Painter.

Headlights were one of the most challenging parts for me

The taillights were simple to model but required a lot of tweaks with shaders to make it look right


Clay render with HP versions of wheels, grille and exhaust

HP/LP tire comparison

Let me know what you think! Any feedback or critique is much appreciated.


Really love your work. Your topology is so clean which gives it such a great smooth result. Nice work.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks! I had a lot of trial and error with topology and some parts had to be redone a few times to achieve the result