Lamborghini Nitro

(Patriota) #1

Here is my latest model of Lamborghini Nitro. It was really hard to model and render :tired_face:, but I hope you’ll like it. Leave a comment please.


(Patriota) #2

another few shoots :slight_smile:


(Paqua) #3

Wow! Really well done, wonderful modelling. I didn’t even know Lamborghini made tractors

(Joey Blendhead) #4

Excellent job! With some better shading, lighting, and a nice environment, this could end up in staff picks :smiley:

(ajcdfin) #5

Looks really nice - you should post some interior shots (looks like you modeled it) - good attention to details.

(Patriota) #6

Thx guys for comments. Here is first shoot of more realistic (I hope) renders!


(Rio Suryonugroho) #7

wow Amazing …:eek: