Lamp Ambient Occlusion Cycles Render

Hi all

This is a simple gasoline lamp that I am modeling and then will try to integrate in a scene where the figure.

It is made in Blender 2.62 (svn), Cycles render. With it I have done some tests with the AO that is being integrated. But its effect to control I have used the composition node to mix into the scene.

This link will leave further details of the lamp and the form of building materials.

As always, comments or suggestions are most welcome.

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New Render.


Very nice model. I like the textures. Rusting In all the right places. Good work

Thanks for your comentarior.

This is a new representation of the materials. luegu some adjustments in the structure thereof.

No changes at any time in the textures. Only how factires are obtained in the mixing and bump.

Greetings and thanks for commenting.


I like the model and texturing except of what you have done to the lamp glass at the last render. It looks very weird, lamp glass is usually very clear and very smooth so as not to distort light.

Thanks for the observation. And it looked very strange. Now correpción.



My most recent test cycles. Hope you like it and here is the link with more information.