Lamp lighting and planes

New too blender and new to the forums so please be gentle.

I am doing a project, specifically a rotating globe that goes from night to day and so forth. It is modeled after a blender guru tutorial but I am branching off and tweaking it further. Specifically I am trying to use an image to signify my location on the globe. In this case the image is the crest of my college. Now the issue is, as the globe turns, as I said the image goes from earth day to earth night. However since the lamp is not hitting the crest plane, on the dark side of the earth it goes black. Is there a way I can make this plane independent of the lamp. I should note that the image is transparent and I changed aplha settings to remove the background blender added when I applied the image.

Nevermind I found it. Creative googling for the win. Thank you though.

you could give the material an emit value, or set it to ‘shadeless’. there are other ways, using layers, if neither of those suits your purposes.