Lamp not moving


I have an infinite length road, and it’s totally awesome, except for one thing: the lamp, which is placed at the start of the infinite road, shines very little light on the player as I progress farther and farther on this infinite road.

This makes sense.

Now, I figured that parenting the lamp to the player so it moves with the player would be a genius solution.

However, despite the fact that the lamp object is moving, the light from the lamp is still coming from where the lamp used to be.

I know that the lamp ‘is’ moving, because if I give it some physics bounds and turn on physics visualization, I see the visualization that is the lamp moving around perfectly.
Also, if a spotlight is used instead of a generic lamp, the fact that it is not moving is more quickly noticeable.

In Case I still haven’t made clear what is happening, here are two screenshots and the blend file.

If the lightsource does update for you, I suppose I’ll just blame it on my graphics card not supporting something or other, and move on.
If it’s something in the nature of lamps, I may have to use a ‘sun’ lightsource, and just live with it.
Though I’d prefer if the lamp properly moved with the player object.


runner.blend (195 KB)

It works fine with me man.
In case you haven’t tried, save file and re-open it. So just close blender and load it again.
Or just re-download blender pherhaps?

Man, I restarted, saved, closed opened, and such many times… it still does the same thing for me.

As I drive farther on, things become more shadeless and less bright /contrasting as they initially are.

I’ll just blame it on my lousy graphics card.

I think you are using 2.49, it is fixed in 2.49a.