Hi guys… are you ok??
This is my first render of 2015.
I like this result, but, maybe i can improve that.
What do you think?


Hello. I think that your project looks pretty good as a start. It might be nice to add some condensation to the bulbs in addition to the water drops.

Nice work so far! The reflection on the socket portion could have a little less rough of a reflection (right now it’s a bit too diffuse). Also the large water drop on the direct front bothers me a bit, makes it look too intentional, particularly when you see the same huge drop on the lightbulb on the left. You could either do a separate series of droplets for each bulb or just rotate the background ones to be less recognizable.

Other than that, just add some more grit to the textures with variance in the roughness or gloss color. And tone down the glare/flare/glow a bit. The balance of white & black is a slightly offputting, not sure how to describe it, but try desaturating the background and bring more color into the foreground. Right now the eye is going in between the back and foreground because one is high contrast the other is high saturation. I’d suggest dropping both down a bit and then making sure the foreground stays the focal point of the composition. Also if you could show us your lighting setup (or just what the scene looks like in general) that might make critiquing easier. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments…
I tried adjust some things… i think is better…
What do you tink now???

socket looks mostly black !
our sockets are usually metal grey !
may be some sockets in your country are black!

but overall looks nice

happy cl

It’s an interesting concept, and the water drops look neat. Looks a lot better with the new background!

Nice work! But maybe you should pay more attention on Composition. Maybe the rule of thirds would be good. There is a nice tut on this:

Well… I think this is a final result… i liked that.