Tried to achieve as photorealistic result as posible.

Updated version:

***Also check out:


This image is almost perfect! But there are two things that I would like to point out. First of all, a subtle bump map (or any kind of texture) on the lamp would make it look much more realistic, at least in my opinion. Also, because the composition looks kinda empty, I think it’ll be a good idea to add a focal element under the lamp. Other than that, this scene looks great! :slight_smile:

I quite liked this image, however the lighting is slighty off key. Your glass is quite realistic but yet still slighty flawed. Overall a nice image but under close inspection you do notice some things, especially if they are critique conditions.

Hi, great job so far. I like a lot the illumination on this image, probably one of its strong points.

In order to improve the image I would personally try to reduce the comtrast of the wood texture used for the table. Not sure if it is a realism problem, but this element does attract too much attention, at least to me. A little bit of bump and scratchs may help too.

And I also think you already know this, but I would use more samples for the final render.

***Allso check out:

I would make some depth of field.
And turn down the contrast of the wood. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into that***allso check out:

What do you think?***

I really like it! Though I think the 2nd one looked better. The warm lighting of your last post is confusing, in my opinion.
I agree with some people saying that there’s too much “empty space” below the lamp. Maybe you could try adding an object between the glass and the stack of paper (or whatever that defocused object in the foreground is), perhaps keys or 1-2 pens? Unless it would look too cluttered. :slight_smile:

Updated version***Allso check out:

You need more samples

I will do that in final render

You need more contrast between the lamp and the wall, because you’ve lost all shadows especially in the lower part of the lamp…it seems 2d. Also you need to tweak the light temperature. It is strange to have warm enviroment color with a cold source of light (the sky)

Final render I think [ATTACH=CONFIG]384842[/ATTACH]***Allso check out: