Lamps prevent editing

Not sure what happened. It started as I worked through the girls head tutorial with Natalie Portmans headshots. Now when I add a lamp to a scene and try to go back to edit ( Hit a till nothing is selected > hit b > select head > hit tab) nothing happens.

I have a Lamp panel below as if I still have the lamp selected but I do not. I am using blender 2.4. I am also very confused by this behavior.

Pleas someone help. And thanks in advance for any responces I get.

That does sound odd.

Try the Outliner/Oops window. Select view>outliner from the menu (if in Oops view) and select your desired object for editing directly by selecting the edit icon next to it.

Thanks. I tryed. for some reason it is not reslecting my objects after I add either lights or a camara. Outliner did not change that. Wish it did.

Does anyone know what paramiter I may have inadvertantly changed? It all worked yesterday. I added several lights and went back to work on Natalie. Then lost them when I resored a backup after making changes to the model I did not like. I do not see how that would have caused a problem. Today it is not working! Quite irritating.

I have also expanded the information window and went throught the user options to see if something popped out at me but only after this problem started. I do not normally mess with the interface.

Odd thing is I can add a new mesh and it begins to edit that but not the old one. Nothing I do lets me reselect a mesh if I add a light or camara after I have left edit mode. The object turns pink like it is selected but the information in the buttons window maintains the information for the lamp or camara. Even if I erase the lamp/camara I still can not select and edit the mesh I was working with.

I have looked in the Wiki and am not finding anything there to help. Sorry if I seem frantic or my thoughts seem disorganized.

Right click on the object instead of selecting it with B. It’ll have a slightly different shade of pink, which means it’s the active object. B doesn’t change the active object, even if the active object isn’t selected anymore. That gets important when you’re selecting multiple objects.

Thank you, that worked.