Land of Lords [RPG]

Hello everyone.

I have decided to start a new project called Land of Lords.

The Game
Land of Lords is an RPG game set in medieval/dark ages with magic, sword fighting and shiny armors.
There will be different lands/islands where in each island has its own culture and the lords of these lands are distance cousins and are always at war with each other.

each island has its own monsters, architecture, skills and culture. so the player gets to pick the land which most suites them as there home land.

The game will feature pirates, boat fighting, horse riding, carriages, and different types of fighting. this will be a very heavy RPG game as it will contain loads of history for the player to really get into if they want but also features that would make it very good in game play.

I am not asking for people to join right away as I have nothing to show so far but I will be doing concept art for the game and also programming.

I have been part of RPG game development team before but most of the projects where put on hold by the project leader. I am also experience in python and blender’s game engine, blender’s python modules.

I am going to be very picky about the content that I will be putting in this game and may ask you to do something all over again multiple of time if it does not correspond to my vision of this game. I will listen to other people’s opinions but for me to be a good team leader I have to have the last say.

Me- I am the team/project leader of this game. I will also be doing concept art and textures and will be the programming leader.

I am looking for 3D modelers and animators but if anyone with scripting, texturing or any other abilities can also join if they want to.

Team leader: retro world(me)

concept art: retro world(me)

texture: retro world(me)

Game world and GUI: retro world(me)

3D modelling: -

Animation: -

Programming: retro world(me)

hey, i can join as modeler.


I sent you a message on your ‘Game MAkers Group Journal Blog’ profile. Your mail on Blenderartists is full I think.

@Vertici_Ent: I would be happy for you to join this team. what type of modelling do you do?

@Kalinaki: Could you send me it again on blenderartists. I couldn’t find anything on the blog

I make any meshes you need…:stuck_out_tongue:

Me an kalinaki are thinking about merging our games to make one game. more detail to come soon

I can texture and UV map. Also I am a beginner in modeling.