Land rover defener 90 pickup

It still looks wrong somehow, obviously the bits with nor material look wrong, but so do other parts.


It kinda looks cool, like a comic/toy car version. What makes it look odd is besides the perspective also the proportions that are off. It looks chopped vertically and clinchend. Maybe take a look at reference photos?

I have toned down the glossy. I will move the camera down.

How do I sort out the Soft Top?

What do you mean by

chopped vertically and clinchend

Chopped and clinched: Like when you cut some centimeters out of your body to get a lower vehicle.

Maybe also try to mount stock rims, these are naturally not associated with this type of car and their sheer size makes it seem unnatural.

And add some detail. The wipers have no mounts, the seals for windows are missing and the clearance seems to be too tight for this model.
Make the door handle a different material and add the door hinge (you left a space there but nothing was inserted)

How are the materials, especially the top. this is the bit I feel is the worst.

Thanks so far

Please help, I know it is wrong somewhere but I cannot tell where