Land Shader

I was wondering if anyone has create a good land shader that allows the blending of several textures together as done in many games I’ve played. This could have been done with the Blender material stencil feature but it isn’t supported in the engine. It seems the only solution at the moment is just to bake the entire terrain into a massive image which cant be good for performance. Does anyone have a solution for me?:confused:

Oh i just figured out you can do it with ‘overlay’ and ‘screen’ texture blending modes. Too bad i can only use 2 textures but its satisfactory.

Glad you figured it out. Blender actually supports up to 3 texture layers. It is your graphics card limiting you to 2 layers.

you can port to Crystalspace too from blender.

They have a terrain system like you describe… even further, it supports “foliage” meshes too, somewhat like the umreal 2004, and unreal 3 system.

up to 8 textures too, including specular, and normal maps :smiley: