Landform House - Master bedroom

Hi guys!
Exploring and trying new things is my driving force. Recreating photos of Landform house by 61architects and YYdesign boosted me to try the new rendering engine. This was the first project where from Blender Cycles, I decided to produce visualizations in Octane for Blender. Since then it is my favorite renderer.

The technique of creating materials is very similar. Also, simple render settings helped to settle down with Octane and create these images quite quickly. Transition to new renderer was surprisingly painless because both engines are GPU based, so I did not need to spend millions on new HW :slight_smile: A lot of people asked me so I am writing it right away: it is PC config I own now as I am fulltime archviz visualizer, but trust me, you can start with less - I also did.

PROCESOR: Intel Core i7-7800x 3.50 GHz
GRAPHIC CARD 3x : Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080ti (hybrid cooling)
GRAPHIC CARD 1x : Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080

This scene was created and I do not want to put just a plane with photo behind the glass, so I decided to create also the snowy forest. Would you guess that I used Suzane for snow? :smiley:

On final render is the blanket on the chair missing, because it was created later in Marvelous designer.

and this is my forest and exterior scene layout

and at the end for comparison the original photo and render

Thank you for watching let me know what do you think about it?



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Really nice materials and good composition.

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Masterpiece, compliments

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Thank you guys! I apreciate it very much and I am glad you like it

Beautiful! !!!

Thank you I remember that I did spend quite a lot of time modeling but mainly texturing those planks

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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just perfect!

WIth the outside trees being yours as well, it’s just a perfect scene. It’s got really tight and clean feel to the composition, and a nice, muted and limited palette. More than anything – I wish I were there!

Great stuff.

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Lovely render, but I’m a little confused, is this rendered in Octane or Cycles?

Well your render is way better than the photo, well done, it’s absolutely stunning!

I gave Octane for Blender couple of tries already, but I just can’t figure out color management and hdri lighting. I guess I just got spoiled by Filmic OCIO.
For example if I increase the strength for HDRI, light that gets into interior gets overexposed / clamped.

It would great to see your setup, because it looks like your render does not have these issues.

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To me, Octane isn’t worth the money. LuxCoreRenderer can do most of what Octane does and it’s free. For simple scenes, Cycles is more than good enough.

This is truly outstanding, i just hope i don’t need a PC as powerful as yours to make something like that, i’m new and learning, but this is a true inspiration and i hope to get as good as you someday, keep up the good work :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

It’s free for Blender :wink:

There is a “limited” free version, yes… without all the features. And I believe it watermarks the renders, but they may have changed that.


From the Octane website…

Product specifications:

Use of the software is available only while online, connected via the internet to the OctaneRender licensing server
Only a limited sub-set of plugins are available (see above)
OctaneRender Standalone is not available in the Prime tier
OctaneRender Offline USB Dongle is not supported
A maximum of 1 GPU is available for rendering
Network rendering is not available

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Looks fantastic. I’m curious why you prefer octane? I think you can achieve this result easily in cycles and probably render it even faster then octane if you own e-cycles. (Esp. If you have a Rtx card) . But just curious what the advantages are in octane :slight_smile:

haha, i wondered how to make snow -> just use suzanne for snow :slight_smile:

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Outstanding work! Looks really photorealistic, well done!
Makes me want to give Octane another chance, but it’s incredibly unstable for me (gtx 1070 ti).