This is my current project. The inspiration comes from one of my books (Eragon if you are curious). I will be adding more detail soon but here it is so far.

nice start. i think you might want more color-varying textures, they make the pic look too grey.

P.S. Eragon is a great book!

Another Eragon fan!
Well, all I can say is…
Atra esterní ono thelduin
(In Elvish, this means “May good fortune rule over you”, and I would advise you to look on pg 162 of Eldest for the answer to that.)

Enough of that, on to the landscape!
It looks good, although the textures look like they are tiling a bit to me. Also, the mountains, presumably based on the Beor Mountains… (although actually, by the name of your picture, they must be based on the Spine). I think they should slope a little more, although they slope a little they seem almost vertical, perhaps add clear cliffs and rough parts if you want them to be this way. Also, the trees seem too thick to me, a solid mass of green, perhaps thin them out into individual trees more.
Apart from that, great work, and I am looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the replies

1)The ground texture is temporary until I can find a better one

2)I will change the forest a bit as suggested. The trees are alpha mapped planed dupliverted over the landscape

3)I will change the mountains as suggested too

4)Will be building the village of carvahall in the background and adding the waterfalls

The overall effect I want to give the picture is a sense of peace. A calm small village near the Spine with its surrounding countryside. I will probably be doing a lot of postpro work on this one to give it either a oil painting style of drawing. I dont want to go to much into details because of that.

Here is the near completed version and some other versions after working in the gimp.

Black and White
Oil Painting
Soft Glow

Looking good, I think I like ‘soft glow’ the best personally.
My main criticism is that the trees in the forests travel in straight lines, this seems rather unrealistic. The mountains are looking good, the village is good but perhaps needs some sort of texture, I am not quite sure what but it is rather obvious that they are plain red.
Apart from those crits, excellent work!

I ll try adding more randomization into the tree placement then give the village a bette texture too. Ill add some plants and bushes.

The mountains look pointy and either need to be smoothed, smooth subdivided, or sub-d surfaced. The don’t really fit the image as it is. Otherwise cool scene!