Landscape for Traffic Scene WIP

Created mantle, added fuel tank supports, hinges for searchlight platform, turret rear light assembly, search light power cable, DshK machine gun elevation plate, elevation spring rods and barrel. I did a quick render of the T-62 within the scene (not shown here) to see how much more I need to do. I will leave out detail on the rear since that won’t be seen (and I can save it for another day) but otherwise once the machine gun is finished, then it’s back to the guide wheels, tread and the finally I can start texturing.

Lack of updates does not mean lack of progress.

Six day work weeks doing my day job has brought this project down to a crawl but I am still moving forward. I finished the front guide wheel form, Dshk machine gun and ammo box, glacis plate armor, basic rigging with empties and a few other details. The tread still needs to be reshaped (too wide for this model and the basic form is inaccurate). I have started texturing the turret in the few moments I had tonight to actually work on this.

During the few hours I have had to spare over the last few days, I’ve textured the turret, the main body, upper and lower glacis plates.

The camouflage pattern actually comes from a World War 2 Soviet KV-1. I chose it because it looked more interesting than the usual solid green or desert tan that is usually applied to this type of tank.

Not much progress but progress all the same. Still texturing the T-62 but I have been experimenting with the modular tree add-on plug-in as well.