Landscape help in flight sceen


I am working an animation or short film which has a high speed flight sceen in it where two planes are chasing each other only metres above the ground.

My problem is this: I will need heaps of terrain for my planes to fly over so how should I go about it?
Do I create a extremely long plain or can I somehow only have a short plain but with a “scrolling” texture if you get what I mean.

My problem is probabley a bit vague but ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them.



Hi ZVWolf !

Just a suggestion, but why not make a circular track and then shoot the planes from different angles / positions.

If the animation is happening quick enough and the action is exciting enough then the viewer will probably not notice any replication of the scene.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

I would usually just make a plane and fractal divide it a couple of times then subsurf it then add a grass texture tiled a couple times. But if your looking for a more detailed landscape, maybe you could make a lake and a city and duplicate and rotate them and spread them out.

get terragen. render some clips from different angles. Import the terrain mesh into blender and use that to animate planes and shadows (make the mesh shadow only) and have a backbuf of your terragen rendered movies.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t explain it fully but you should be able to look up that stuff if you need more info (the way to import terragen files is Ter2blend).

Its late and I gotta sleep. :wink:


Watch out for the flinstones effect if you do a scrolling landscape!

Flintstones effect?
whats that?:confused:

It’ when the flintstones are walking along and the buildings and landscape start repeating themselves every few seconds. It happens a lot in old cartoons. Kind of funny.