landscape texturing

I was wondering how I can make a really realistic landcape where the texture/terrain/colors change through-out the area?

Take pictures, or draw something up in photoshop/gimp/pixia/paintshop. Their is no easy way to achieve photorealism.

you’ll need first a good geometry - try the py-script “A.N.T. 0.3”, it will deform your mesh interactively using various noise functions.

texturing yould involve two textures: one wich applies general color based on height, and one to add more randomness, bumps atc.

the first one is easy: create a blend-texture, flip XY (option there) and apply it as a planar projection from the side. activate colorband and add three to four colors: green, brown, grey, white (for the tips of the “mountains”)

the second texture could be any “good” noise texture, this time maped planar from above. make it affect the NOR (bumps), maybe SPEC and a little color… experiment to see what looks best.

hope that helps


thanks, where can I get this py script?
The texturing looks ok, but it looks a little too linear…but thanks anyway.

May we have a .blend example

I haven’t had a chance to upload yet…
but I downloaded A.N.T. and it’s not working…any tips?

WHAT is not working? do you have python installed? do you have your python path set? check out the sticky threads in the scripts forum here… post error mesages…