Landscapes (Pictures + Blend file + Video)


Here is a project I just finished.



The blend file of the 2nd picture is available HERE
This is a light version (low poly and low res and quality textures) perfect for realtime so…press P
WASD + mouse move to navigate
Maybe you’ll notice that I used the excellent HDR 2d filter from Martinsh (see that thread)


thanks for watching

nice one … i love the way the mountains is

theyre fab, fab 5/5

lolz no pun intended

Those landscapes are wonderful. I love the mood on the icy one.
Could it be possible to have an HD version of the video? How long did it take to render each scene?

5 stars from me!

I must admit that, sometimes, I have not enough patience to wait for rendering to finish :S
do you know what is the maximum resolution accepted by youtube ? I will try to re-reder the scene in the mountains (fastest to render)

thank you !

GREAT LANDSCAPES! it would be cool if you added a like, grainy texture to the ice mountains one and then it could seem like real footage :smiley: america- we just found our NEW conspiracy

I usually render at 1280x720, don’t know if they accept 1080p HD, but 720p will do nicely.

If you render to an image sequence and then save the video from there you can also try rendering at 75% to save on render time and then scale up the final video, but I’m not sure how much the quality will be affected by this.

For encoding the video I’d recommend ffmpeg with h264 presets, works great for me.

Thanks for being willing to render an HD version, I’ve favourited your video on youtube, but will love an HD version of it too. :slight_smile:

You could put it on Vimeo.

The settings of the render would be the same, if it’s not hd it won’t be hd on vimeo either.

sick’s: thank you for your recommendations. I always have some problem when have to find the size + codec for a video.

with those settings, 1 frame takes 36sec --> 1500 (mountain scene) = 15h… I can optimize that time

Dykam: I have tryied 3 time to upload on vimeo, but each time was a failure (vimeo don’t support quicktime file?!)

I like the first and the artic one.
Maybe you upload to a filehoster, i prefer:

up to 300 MB

By mib

they look great :yes:

well done.