been trying to understand how to make decent landscapes. Here’s a couple of efforts. The first one is an attempt to get the gist of sandbanks in the sea. The second is about lakes and islands. I know they are far from perfect, would welcome comments and ideas.

The sandbank one seems far too intensely bumped. I’ve never seen a beach like that - sand simply doesn’t get formed like that to the best of my knowledge. Sandbanks are usually more gradual in nature, and actually more common in bays and rivers than the ocean. In the ocean they’re not especially dramatic. Tone it down a bit. The lake one looks just fine. We can’t see it, but hey, I could see that potentially occuring geographically. (Sort of.)

I’ve done a stonehenge and a some beach pictures with pools of water in sand… and I’ve written down the steps I used I think in the stonhenge thread … it may give you a starting point I don’t know … try a search for ‘stonehenge’ or ‘the beach’…


I nearly forgot about this!

I think I’d just discovered and tried playing around with Ray Mirror and the noise button in the mesh edit buttons.

Appreciate the comments anogarir and md01, thanks! I’ll have a look for that stonehenge thread md01. Glad you think the second one has a landscape feel to it (sort of) anogarir… lol. It kind of reminded me of forests and lakes and the aurora borealis.