Landsknecht - German Sword

Well, my Nefertiti model is on hold until I learn some more texturing techniques. For now I am working on more modeling. I made this yesterday afternoon, the Landsknecht Sword, the model weighs in at 27.7k polygons.

The waves on the blades aren’t nearly as sharp as the ones on the original because I couldn’t get them to look right. I am working on a convincing metal texture for the blade right now.

Hmmmm… Strange looking sword :o

I like it. I’ve seen those kind of swords before and it definitely seems that you modelled it very accurately. Update us as soon as you get the metal texture.

It is a very strange sword, the hilt is almost as long as the blade. Total length of 6’ 2", thats as tall as me, I can’t imagine coming up against someone that could effectively wield something like that in battle.

I am still working on that metal texture, trying to use an HDRI image map, any chance anyone knows of a good tutorial for using them in Blender?